There has been a lot of dancing fun over the years. Everyone loves the pleasure of learning folk dances and discovering a new dance style. However, some dances attract the attention of everyone who wants to have fun, and the most popular style of the last decade was – you guessed it – the Gangnam style!

But why did this dance become such a trend from the South Korean pop artist Psy? Why do we always love him so much? To understand this, we need to delve into what makes the fashion and the fashion of dance so funny and what made us dance in the Gangnam style.

Dancing through time

From Charleston in the 1920s to twists in the 1960s to more modern movements like Nae Nae, learning dance has always been a great way to have fun. Although modern dances are less formal than those of the past, it is a popular way to get everyone to perform simple movements that look fantastic.

Although many trends come and go, there has never been a dance like the Gangnam style for strangeness, pleasure or pure popularity. It has consolidated its place as a dance that we will remember for many years – in fact, it has already been around for almost ten years, without forgetting the iconic movements.

The beginning of a classic

Since its release in July 2012, Gangnam Style has stormed the music scene and stormed the world. For many, it was their first introduction to K-pop, which became one of the most popular and popular types of music in the world.

From the very beginning, Gangnam Style seemed ready to dominate the charts. With a rousing rhythm and the delightful presence of Psy, it was a success. However, what really ignited the world was the dance. Even the leaders of the world, like the then British Prime Minister, tried to copy the signature movements.

Named after the Gangnam District in Seoul, the song and the movements associated with it were aimed at slightly teasing the magnificent lifestyle associated with the neighborhood through funny bright colors and exaggerated dance moves.

The clip quickly reached more than a billion views – a record at that time.

What is Gangnam Style?

Psy described the Gangnam style as restrained, chic and classy during the day, but unleashed at night. The neighborhood has been compared to Beverly Hills in the United States, as a very rich area.

However, the dance moves are quite powered, and all women who like to beat the city, probably tried them at least once! With movements that include galloping, hip striking and foot mixing, and lassoing, the dance style can be easily broken down into simple steps for copying. This certainly contributed to its longevity! The dance is perfect for groups of friends, family or anyone who wants to learn something new and fun. More tips for dancing can be found here

Korean beauty trends

While Psy’s hit song and dance number may have been the first time many people embraced K-pop, it has since become a globally popular type of music. Many K-pop stars have their own beauty trends that are easy for any audience to follow, and many have dance routines that their fans are happy to follow. Although Psy may have been a popular star in South Korea long before the rest of the world fell in love with Gangnam style, it’s hard to deny the influence he had on the accessibility of Korean music and beauty trends for all the stylish ladies and gentlemen there. Even if you think that Gangnam Style is just a fun dance, we have a lot to thank for introducing so many of us to a whole new kind of music, dance, and fashion.

As you can see, since its debut as a song and dance, the popularity of Gangnam Style has continued at the top of the charts of 2012, which we just had to try at every party, until 2021.

The legacy of the Gangnam style is very clear in the current craze for everything related to K-pop, but there are few artists who have ever become as famous as Psy with his iconic dance.

Will it disappear from popularity one day? We’re not sure – but what we do know is that the moment we hear those familiar opening bags, all we have to do is get up and dance.

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