There are so many great styles to try. With something for everyone, fashion can be really fun for all kinds of women. However, creating fresh and exciting looks can sometimes seem like a challenge. If you want to try new beauty trends, why not look into the romper style?

This playful and pretty piece is perfect for dressing up or down. But where does the romper come from and how to turn it into a must-have trend? Keep reading to find out!

The history of the romper

The romper, often known as a jumpsuit, became a popular piece of clothing in the early 1900s – although at that time it was for young children and was not as elegant as it is today! They were used as clothes in which the children could play, as they provided freedom of movement. In France, children sometimes wore rompers as a piece of clothing – perhaps the true predecessor of the romper as we know and love it today.

Not only for children

In the 1950s, rompers for maturity began to be made, with elegant ladies realizing that they could enjoy the flexibility of wearing shorts with the avant-garde look of a dress. It only became a very worn look in the 1970s, when it was usually a more casual piece of clothing. However, as soon as the 1980s took off, so did the romper! Suddenly you could buy a romper in a range of styles and prints that is perfect for going on holiday, relaxing at home or even going out for a nice meal.

In the early 2000s, the popularity of the romper came back into force, and now it was for all ages. Sometimes even men’s designs have come out! Nowadays, everyone can enjoy the cozy and sweet coolness of a romper-it’s fun for the whole family!


A romper or a romper dress can come in a number of awesome styles and prints. Made of all materials, from terry cloth for pajamas rompers to silk for evening wear rompers, you can choose a playful romper for any occasion. Available with or without sleeves, the romper usually falls over the knee and is available in bright, colorful prints or minimalist block colors.

Romper vs Jumpsuit

Perhaps you are already a fan of the sister style of the romper-the combination. While the romper is usually short in the leg, falling over the knee, a jumpsuit is a full-length piece. A jumpsuit offers more coverage in cooler weather, so it’s ideal for winter and autumn, but a romper is a bit more fun and seductive. You may have also seen half-length panties-style rompers. It is a wonderful look for work and can match professionalism with timeless beauty.

Casual Summer Style

If you take a romper made of cotton, it is ideal to wear in the hot summer months. You can wear a bright print to stand out, or choose something simpler, like a pure white romper, if you have a more minimalist aesthetic. For the summer season, a sleeveless romper or even a tubular strapless style is ideal for warmer nights, and you can combine it with comfortable sandals or sneakers for a casual day look. This makes the romper such a popular choice when enjoying the sun on vacation, as it can easily go from relaxing by the pool to visiting the main attractions or tasting a meal in the evening.


Although you may be tempted to think of a romper as a purely casual piece, there are many ways to use it for the dressed-up parties. This high-level trend can work even for a special event. The trick to wearing a romper to a clothed event is in what material and print you choose. A romper made of silk long sleeves-marry well with a pair of high heels or ballerinas good taste in any environment upscale restaurant or choose a romper in velor with a shrug, tights, and boots for an evening from work in the winter. You can even choose a cream or beige romper and a pair of complementary wedge heels if you are invited to a wedding. Whatever your personal style, whether you like retro looks or always try to look completely up to date, a romper can work for you.

Are you in love with romper clothes? If you have not yet entered the wonderful world of rompers, consider this your inspiration to pick up this popular styling essential, which is perfect for a chic summer style.

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